Our mission in YIS is to inspire children and adolescents toward health, fitness, wellness and education.

Namaste Wellness Centre Ltd. Caribbean Pilates® & Yoga Studio provides learning tools for educators and teachers in school. Our Yoga-in-School programming is taught to educators of all grade levels and is seamlessly integrated into the classroom.

Yoga-in-School programming is designed to focus on the needs and capabilities of the children as well as the adolescents in school. In a modern era, where children are more exposed to information and technology, disciplining ones focus and concentration is essential to becoming more mindful. Through the integration of various techniques in Yoga, students can become more focused and present in the classroom.

The knowledge of Yoga can also support the physical education of children and adolescents in school. YIS programming offers Yoga movement and activity that can nourish and stimulate growth and development in children as well as adolescents. In this way, Yoga-in-School can assist students in adopting physical activity that is age appropriate, which supports the nature of the spine and body.

Yoga-in-School Programming (for Children)

Our qualified Yoga teachers (for children) will provide the tools for educators, to implement learning that will have a profound effect on the academic achievement, general health, personal attributes, and relationships of the students from Kindergarten through sixth grade.

In tern, teachers will experience a highly effective classroom with appropriate management strategies, innovative ways to manage the students’ levels of energy, opportunities for character education, methods for teaching health and wellness in school as well as a more calming and create environment for students.

Above all teachers will have more fun in learning with their students!

Yoga-in-School Programming (for Adolescents)

N.W.C. Ltd. Caribbean Pilates® & Yoga Studio Yoga-in-School programming further extends to young adults (seventh through twelfth grade) who will experience a higher self-esteem, improved peer relationships, development of coping skills as well as environmental education and awareness.

In general, Yoga-in-school programming can be integrated at different levels and therefore has many profound benefits:
  • YIS Program assists to manage the behavior, energy and attention of the students’ classroom.
  • YIS Program teaches tolerance, caring mindfulness, and strategies for conflict resolution.
  • YIS Program assists to improve the focus of the student and preparation them for examinations.
  • YIS Program is easy to integrate into the core curriculum.
  • YIS Program is instrumental for Physical Education and assists in improving the students’ fitness, posture, flexibility, balance, coordination, strength (external/ internal) and overall health of the spine and body.

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We are excited to embark on a journey toward assisting leading educators to develop their professional skill level in a complimentary field of study – Yoga Education.

Educators/ Teachers

Our workshops offer continued hands-on-training to educators and teachers who wish to enhance their personal and professional development within the practice of Yoga-in-School. We provide continued programming (a series of modules) that deliver easy and fun methods for integrating Yoga!

Health/Wellness Professionals

Many professionals in the field of health and education are also interested in expanding their skill level to include techniques that offer further assistance toward their clients’ health and well - being. Our workshops offer hands-on experience and training to those health professionals who wish to adopt these various techniques into their existing practices.

Athletic Training/Education

Athletic trainers and sports coaches are utilizing various approaches towards athletic training to further advance their students and professional athletes. Our qualified and experienced Yoga educators offer hands-on experience to athletic professionals who strive to further develop their technique in training athletes.


Parents are finding creative ways to interact with their children and adolescents that are effective and influential. N.W.C. Ltd. provides Yoga workshops for parents, children, and adolescents that are welcoming and fun for both parties.

For more information, regarding our Yoga-in-School programming, view Workshops; otherwise contact us.