Namaste Wellness Centre Ltd. offers as well as hosts a variety of Pilates and Yoga Workshops to improve the knowledge and understanding of these two disciplines.

In general, Yoga Workshops are often taught in the form of modules, which provide a foundation for learning more about the postures and exercises in Yoga. As well, these workshops provide knowledge about the importance of the breath and the postural integrity of the spine and body.

Pilates Workshops are taught through a series of modules to provide a deeper level of awareness and understanding of the movements and exercises in Pilates. These workshops also provide knowledge about the postural alignment of the spine and body.

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Yoga Education

Yoga Education is a field of wellness that is becoming widely accepted as a form of physical education and learning throughout the global community. In particular, parents, teachers, and educators are applying Yoga Education as a means of developing the potential and abilities of the children and young adults. Of course, learning to manage stress and creating a healthy environment is essential for all individuals.

Yoga in itself has many benefits, including improving concentration and focus, alleviating stress and anxiety, improving circulation and blood flow to spine and body. Remember that the brain is considered a muscle!

Some of our workshops include:
  • Yoga for Well - being
  • Yoga for Young Adults
  • Yoga for Kids
  • Yoga for Stress Management

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Pilates Continued Education

As our studio is designed to meet the needs of various individuals and groups, the environment is conducive to transforming the information into a practical application.

In Particular, the Pilates training and education that we provide can benefit a wide range of individuals from teachers and educators to physical trainers and athletes.

In this way, professional teachers and physical educators as well as sports trainers and student (and professional) athletes can excel in their discipline from having broadened their knowledge and understanding of the kinesthetic movement (and activity) of the spine and body.

The theoretical understanding of Pilates Bodiesology® further extends to the applied sciences, such as advanced kinesiology, which opens the field of health and wellness to Pilates Educators.

Some of our workshops include:
  • Pilates for Improving and Correcting Postural Alignment
  • Pilates for Strengthening Joints and Preventing Injury
  • Pilates for Empowering Movement and Proper Breathing

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