"My experience in attending the NWC CARIBBEAN PILATES® Teachers’ Training (Fundamental) Program has been a great experience, including providing knowledge about the importance of proper breathing. This program has also inspired my understanding about the kinesthetic and energetic movement of the body in relation to posture and alignment. As well it has given me insight about the body’s energy systems, which of course have a direct connected with the nervous system.

Throughout my studies of Pilates, I have learned a great deal about the biomechanics of the body including the breath. I am looking forward to receiving more information and knowledge, in the next couple of months as I am still in the process of learning and training to become a Pilates teacher.

The principles and concepts of NWCC Pilates® have been wonderfully explained throughout my attendance in the fundamental teachers’ training program. The teachers at N.W.C. practice these principles with love and wisdom.

I recommend NWC CARIBBEAN PILATES® Teachers’ Training to anyone who desires quality training and education from teachers’ whose expertise of Pilates is so powerful and endless and taught with passion.”

Pilates Student & Trainee

“Namaste is a place that reshapes the mind and body, bringing you to one thought – peace. A place that connects you to a better body – or should I say build a better and stronger body.

Thanks you, Wonderful Teachers.”

December 6, 2013

“A Wonderful place to re-energize the body, mind and soul!”

Pilates Student

“Tina is Terrific! Best I have seen!”

Happy Pilates Student

“Very satisfying and just what I need at this stage in my life.”

Yoga Student

“Best decision I’ve made for me. Tina is great – mean sometimes (just kidding)”

Great Teacher.