Mindful Training is available via a Skype sessions! If you need a flexible schedule that supports your lifestyle, then our online services can assist your daily needs.


All appointment must be scheduled in advanced.

Registration is now available on online! When you pre-register online, please specify the days and approximate time frame that you are available for a one-on-one session.

All payments must be received prior to confirming your schedule. We will attempt to contact you by phone. Following the completion of registration, you will be sent an email to confirm your scheduled session.

If you would prefer to pre-register/pre-pay for an appointment at our location, please email or call us Monday through Saturday, as we are officially closed on Sunday (and close a half a day on Saturday).

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Appointments should be prepaid in advance. As a courtesy to our professional teachers and educators, we require twenty – four hours notice to cancel a scheduled appointment.

Private 1 hour $80
2 hours $150
Group – rates of modules may vary.

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Mindful Training is a technique that assists in clearing the imbalances of the body’s energy systems. If these patterns become disturbed, then imbalances can occur within the energy centers of the human body. Mindful Training is a technique of Yoga Stress Management to promote feelings of well - being and abundance.

In a small group, students can participate through a Series of Modules to practice breathing exercises and deepen their connection with the body through the practice of imagery and visual exercises. In doing so, you can begin to clear distortions and energy imbalances, which are often related to emotional and mental stress.

For more information about our Mindful Training Groups, view our Modules.


We offer Mindful Training in a private one-on-one session through a Series of Modules, which assist the client in the practice of breathing exercises, followed by the practice of visual exercises that work with the energy systems of the body to clear the emotional and mental blockages.


Why Corporate Wellness? In an era of technological advances and global networking, we have intensified our desire for interpersonal relationships. But the need for understanding the interconnection within the self is also valid for health and well – being.

The approach of Yoga Stress Management offers Mindful Training tools for managing stress and creating healthy interpersonal relationships. The technique of Mindful Training has become widely accepted within the global business community. Many companies and corporate professionals have incorporated Yoga Stress Management as a means of team building, increasing productivity, reducing absenteeism/sickness and boasting employee moral.

Namaste Wellness Centre Ltd. offers Yoga Stress Management as a means of supporting the global business professionals and inspiring WELLNESS in business!

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