Namaste Wellness Centre Caribbean Pilates® & Yoga Studio focuses on quality programming, training and education.

New students are required to have an evaluation prior to attending studio lessons.

* For more information regarding lessons, please view our Private Lessons and Group Lessons.

Please review our services, fees and policies below: Group Lessons

The rate of the group lessons may vary. The Group Lessons are based on a varying of programming (courses, modules) as well as hours of training and education.


New students participating in the Group Lessons are required to have an orientation.


$80 (including an orientation), $120 (including a postural analysis)

Group Policy

All students are required to attend Group Lessons as set by the appointments. If you do not attend a scheduled lesson, then you will be charged for that session. Group size is limited to 4-5 students.

Private Policy

If you have scheduled an appointment for a Private One-on-one, Duet or Semi-Private Lesson, then you are required to give us at least twenty - four hours notice (Monday - Friday) to cancel. We are closed by noon (12:00 p.m.) on Saturday. We are officially closed on Sunday. We may offer seminars, workshops and teachers’ training courses on various weekends throughout the year.

As a courtesy to our NWC Caribbean Pilates® and Yoga teachers, we regret that we must enforce this policy strictly. Thank you for your understanding.

Other Polices

Please be on time for your Private or Group Lesson. Your lesson will begin at the time of your scheduled appointment.

We request that cell phones are turned off.

No shoes are allowed in the studio.

N.W.C. LTD. is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please do not leave your personal belongings (cell phones, jewelry, purse, keys etc.) unattended.

NWC Caribbean Pilates® (Private one-on-one, Duet & Semi-Private Rates)

Pilates Group –
rates of training courses (lessons) and modules may vary.

1 Private one-on-one Pilates Session $78, 1 Duet/per client $52.00
1 Semi private/per client $47

Yoga (Private one-on-one, Duet & Semi-Private Rates)

Yoga Group –
rates of training courses (lessons) and modules may vary.

Meditation Group – rates of training courses and modules may vary.

  • 1 Private one-on-one session/ Guided Meditation $120 /
  • 1 Private one-on-one session (1hr ½) / Guided Meditation $150
  • 1 Semi private/per client $50
  • 1 Private one-on-one Yoga session/per client $120, 1 Duet/per client $60

Interested in a Private Corporate Rate? (Minimal of 8 members)
For more information, contact us at 242-327-3808.


New students are required to have an evaluation before attending a Private (one-on-one, Duet, or Semi-Private), or Group lesson.

All Private One-on-one, Duet & Semi-private Lessons as well as Group Lessons must be paid for in advance to reserve your space.

Please make a note of the expiration date of your lessons, as you will be responsible for attending your lessons during the month(s) in which the sessions were purchased.

Sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Option 1

Students must either schedule an appointment (Monday through Saturday) to pre-register/pre-pay for Private One-on-one, Duet, Semi-private Lessons, or Group Lessons.

Option 2

You have the option to register online, however you must pre-pay by scheduling an appointment or paying over the phone.

  • Pre-registering online will ensure your space. All payments must be received prior to confirming your schedule.
  • We will attempt to contact you via phone with regard to pre-paying for your Private or Group Lessons.

The annual registration fee is $130.