Namaste Wellness Centre Ltd. is the first Pilates and Yoga Studios in Nassau, since 2004, offering a variety of outstanding educational programs, courses, workshops and holistic wellness services for the community.

Our Center has always been a partner for teachers, educators, leaders as well as wellness and business professionals, as we have provided programming, training and education for personal and professional development.

As a caring mindful company, succeeding with mutual beneficial relationships, we have worked in the community, supporting projects and events that promote health, fitness, wellness, and education.

Journey Toward Teacher Training…

Many companies, who specialize in teaching different approaches to the Pilates Method, view this system as a form of physical exercise and training. Our Center recognizes this theoretical system of kinesthetic movement and exercise as an approach toward greater health and well - being. Pilates is not a means to an end but rather an end to a means – a means of becoming happier and healthier.

Every part of the NWC Caribbean Pilates Transitional Exercise System has value in itself. We understand that the sum is the expression of the whole, as the sum reflects the parts of the whole. By this understanding, we have adapted a theoretical methodology of Pilates, namely Bodiesology® as a modern point of view, whereby based on the understanding of the science of the body.

Even though many manuals and books have been written about the Pilates Method, our company, over five years ago, created a series of manuals, along with a reference guide for the understanding of Bodiesology®. In particular, “Pure Philosophy: The Essence of Pilates” discusses the theoretical principles of Bodiesology®, as a potential for kinesthetic and energetic movement within the human body.

Continuing Education…

As our programming expanded, Our Center began to offer Continuing Education in the form of modules, workshops and seminars to support the needs, desires and aspirations of individuals within a community. This includes our Yoga Stress Management workshops and modules, designed to provide support for individuals as well as corporate professionals.

N.W.C. Ltd is proud to have educated a growing number of health and wellness professionals who have in tern inspired others with their knowledge gathered from our hands-on training and education. Even further, we have participated in a number of community projects to support the children, young adults, and individuals with disabilities.

As Yoga Education became more acknowledged among teachers and educators, our company began to offer workshops and tools, such as Yoga-in-School, to meet the demands of teaching in a classroom as well as in managing the activities of children and young adults, in a way that is appropriate and conducive to that environment.

New and Meaningful Endeavors…

More recently, our company began to offer After-School and Home School programming that is specifically designed to support the physical, mental, emotional, social and academic growth of children and young adults, in a way that is beneficial and rewarding - but most of all fun!

After a decade of developing personal and professionals relationships within the global community, we are excited to embark on a journey to include continued education and online studies.

We look forward to continuing this journey together – one global community!

“Our Center is your home for health, fitness, and wellness.”