Tools for Teachers has been expanded through our Yoga-in-School programming, or YIS, to better serve the student and teacher. View our YIS programming for more information about our tools for teachers.

Other tools for personal and professional development are offered, including “The Study of Bodiesology®” (coming soon online), which guides students in the understanding of the Science of the Body. To read more, link to our modules.

Namaste Wellness Centre further offers Corporate Wellness - another approach for higher learning and the tools for managing stress. To read more about the benefits of Corporate Wellness, link to Yoga Stress Management.

Namaste Wellness Centre Ltd. teaches and hosts a variety of modules (coming soon online) and workshops as well as provides resources and tools to continue to educate professionals in areas of health, fitness, and wellness.

Attending Pilates Continued Education workshops as well as Pilates modules (for expanded theoretical learning) is vital to acquiring the practical knowledge and understanding of the kinesthetic movement of the body as well as the health of the spine and its extremities. As well, the professional relationships gained by attending our continued education training are intrinsic and valued in maintaining the qualifications received from an NWCC Pilates® training course. As our studio is complete, the environment is conducive to transforming the information into a practical application.

N.W.C. Ltd. also offers educational Yoga workshops to further expand the knowledge and awareness of Yoga to areas of wellness, including Yoga for Young Adults, Yoga for Kids, Yoga for Stress Management and more. As well, we teach Yoga modules as a means of higher learning for teachers and for individuals interested in continuing their personal and/or professional development.

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