Quantum Healing - The Symbols of the Matrix

March 12th, 2017




Time is the essence of all things. We understand our ability to interact with the higher self through this portal of time. We see things in this varied way as a means of understanding the self, as all things change with this passing of time. We know its truth as it emerges within the physical realm to carry with it the messages to the body. These vessels serve to connect the light encoded in the DNA to the physical form itself. 


It is the light that embodies the self which imprints upon the physical structure and yields that language to the physical form. This provides a means of a feedback to enhance the growth of the body, and at the same time, it poses as a means of connecting mind and body. The light imprints itself to anchor the information to the cellular body, as it demonstrates the nature of the self.


As the form of the body is conditioned to this physical reality, it is a greater part of this matrix of reality and provides a means for the light to reconnect to the higher self - which is an aspect of the self that is not physical, but rather, it is unified in its complexity to anchor the body to the earth. When we think about the higher self, we often view another version of the self at a larger scale, but the higher self is not a physical entity; rather, the higher self is a collective vessel to house the memory complex of the mind. This vessel is a light body.


The light body is trans-dimensional, and therefore, it communicates through a light language, similar to how the mind and brain encode messages by means of the heart. This means that the nature of symbols represent the language of the light within the matrix. As we often see pictures in the mind, the body views the symbols as a source of its transmission from the form (a complex of the mind).


Through the understanding of this complex light language, we can have a greater connection to the symbols that represent information within the matrix. As a disk holds information for a computer, the body stores information by way of symbols. The symbols of the light language are not physical, as in the physical representation of a triangle or square, but rather, these symbols are congruent to the structure of the body. Therefore, when the body is aligned on its axis points, we are in a better position to interpret those symbols - which connect through points of light within the body. 


The subconscious (mind) communicates through this aspect of the self ,and then, it transmits these codes to the structure of the physical, allowing for a release of chemical reactions to take place within the cellular body.  The mechanical reactions we see are simply the bi-product of the light body. In this way, we are constantly reacting to the nature of these symbols, or filaments of information in the matrix. 


Science is now beginning to understand that the light of the body is an expanded awareness of the self, or higher self. Scientists view consciousness as a means to connect with the higher self. As well, the QHHT Technique utilizes this concept of self to reconnect and realign the mind and body. Quantum Healing is another means to reestablish the link between the physical body and the matrix of symbols.




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