New Introductory Mat Course Online

April 23rd, 2017


This online Introductory Mat Course outlines the philosophy, principles and concepts as discussed in the Fundamental Matwork Course 101. The Fundamental Matwork training and exercises are described in the Workbook, which offers a basic understanding of the NWCC Pilates® Fundamental Transitional Exercise System. This system is a modern day version of the Pilates Method known as Bodiesology®. 


Those students and teachers who have trained in the Pilates Method are aware of its founder, Joseph Pilates; however, this Introductory Course describes his role in brining together this world renown system of physical education, also known as “Contrology.”  As well, this Introductory Course describes the principles and concepts, which Pilates himself founded almost a hundred years ago.


We are privileged to teach this online Introductory Course, as a way of honoring the teachings of Joseph Pilates, and at the same time, bring forward a new way of thinking, in terms of the physical conditioning of the body. The mind and body approach to fitness has reached a turning point with the knowledge brought forward in modern science. We are offering an expanded view of this mind and body approach to encompass the understanding of the energetic body, which plays a role in the (conscious) awareness and movement of the body. 


We are excited to teach an online course that further develops the Pilates Method, unifying the understanding of mind, body, energy and consciousness. This understanding of the whole self is not only for teachers but for those individuals who seek a new experience in physical training and strengthening. It is the discovery of mind that is allowing the change, at this time, and we are grateful for the opportunity to provide this outstanding online Course. 


This Introductory Mat Course will offer a preview into the teachings of the Fundamental Matwork Course (101), as a way to better understand it principles and concepts that are taught in alignment with the movement and exercises of Pilates. We feel that it is important to connect to the material of the course prior to diving in deeper to the philosophy and science of the body offered in Course 101.  As Pilates is a tool to achieve an expanded understanding of the mind and body, we have designed this Course as a means of reaching higher goals and visions. Therefore, this Course is very well-rounded, demonstrating the necessary material to learn Pilates at the Fundamental level, as demonstrated in the NWCC Pilates® Method.


As we believe in Pilates Education, this online Mat Course will further impart additional online courses (Course 102 and 103) to include information necessary for those individuals who currently teach Pilates as well as for those individuals who wish to obtain a Pilates Certification. We are planning on offering online assistance to those individuals who would like to teach Pilates on a professional level. Students who pass the online examination(s) and who are approved by the Director of Education, N.W.C. Ltd. for their hours of teacher training (in a professional setting) will receive a Certification for completing the online course(s). Moreover, the Advance Teachers’ Training Course (201) will require that students and teachers complete their full Certification at the Namaste Wellness Centre. 


We hope you will join us in May to discover your inner strengths and form a new relationship with your whole self - a mind and body interconnection of energetic interdependent movement and consciousness - Bodieslology®.


We will keep subscribers posted for updates. Thank you for your continued support!


Tina Wise,

Asistant Director of Educaiton, N.W.C.Ltd.



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