Meditation - The Third Eye

September 25th, 2017


Meditation is an integrative quality of learning how to communicate with the higher self, or higher mind. This requires us to be present with the self, in a way that is connecting to the elements contained within the self. If the mind is still, then, it can participate in a process of observing the self - instead of interpreting through a  (sensory) channel - which is a part of a feed back system in the body.


The mind is the binding structure to communicate with the various levels of consciousness, in a way that is connecting to the aspects of the self. Science refers to this aspect of a feedback process as being centropic in nature. In the word meditation, the root word “medi”  means in the middle - which is a part of being centered and connected to the higher self. When we are in the middle of an experience, we are simply observing a process, instead of problem solving, or determining outcomes of an event. 


In terms of the physical structure of the body, the higher states of consciousness are associated with the pineal gland. This gland is in the middle of the skull between the right and left hemisphere of the brain. It is most active when a chemical known as DMT is released, which alters the capacity and function of the brain as well as the body.  This chemical is related to the sleep cycle, an altered state of consciousness (the delta state) when the body is resting. Yet, the mind can still experience altered states of reality, like in the dream state.


In ancient times, this gland was referred to as the third eye for its ability to perceive beyond the five senses. This expanded sense, or sensory ability was known in the higher classes of society; however, these abilities were thought of as mystical by the lower classes of society, as the alchemy of the body was only perceived by those who were highly educated, and therefore, these individuals moved in certain circles of society.


Today, we have access to knowledge with the touch of a screen (through the integrated net). Studies regarding the brain and the pineal gland reveal that indeed there are structures (micro-crystals) within this gland that have the ability to anchor light energy as its being transformed in the body, otherwise known as chemical energy. In particular, this crystalline structure is synchronistic with the incoming light energies in the body and works to harmonize with the vibrations and frequencies of the cellular (molecular) structure. 


Through the practice of meditation, the mind becomes a tool to process incoming information, in a way that is not limiting to the natural senses as well as sensory perception. We can remove this layer, or filter, that the mind creates through distortions in the mental and thinking process. When we have mental clarity and focus, there is no limitation to the capacity of the mind. 


The thoughts and concepts perceived by the self are projections of the mind (from higher states of consciousness), and they are not limited by boundaries. Rather, they can be defined as space and time (memory). By this, meditation can alleviate any distortions that can hinder ones ability to fully participate and observe thy self.


Therefore, techniques in meditation can serve as a guide to reconnect with the higher mind, such as QuantaMeditation. As well, the structures in the body, such as the pineal gland, that support this process, are important for integrating higher states of consciousness. There are natural cleansing processes to decalcify this gland, among other structures, which can assist to facilitate higher states of learning and connectivity. 



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