Quantum Healing - The Symbols of the Matrix

March 12th, 2017




Time is the essence of all things. We understand our ability to interact with the higher self through this portal of time. We see things in this varied way as a means of understanding the self, as all things change with this passing of time. We know its truth as it emerges within the physical realm to carry with it the messages to the body. These vessels serve to connect the light encoded in the DNA to the physical form itself.  Read the rest of this entry »

Quantum Healing: The Emotions of DNA

February 23rd, 2017


The heart has long been thought to be the center of emotions, and more recently, studies have been conducted, which reveal that the heart generates frequency pictures, during times when an individual is experiencing feels of joy and bliss. In return, the cellular DNA has a responsive biofeedback based on these (as well as other) emotions.

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Quantum Healing - The Matrix of Consciousness

February 18th, 2017





The brain functions within various levels of awareness, known as beta, alpha, theta, and delta. Beta is known as the most awakened state of awareness, along with alpha being another level of awareness that often resonates with this state of being. The state of theta is known as a higher level of awareness that is in-between our sleep (the delta level) and awakened states of being.  Read the rest of this entry »

Quantum Healing: The Structure of Cells

January 28th, 2017



From a biological perspective, the nature of cells is universal in terms of their structure.  In particular, the spherical quality of the body’s cells is ideal in an environment that is at least 70 percent water. The objects that the cells contain as well as surround are in balance with the geometry of cell itself. This produces a vibratory residence that matches the composite of the cells.

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Quantum Healing: The Nature of Symbols

December 16th, 2016



In ancient times, many symbols and shapes were used as a means of communication and technological advancements; this is often referred to as non-verbal, or telepathic communication.  Read the rest of this entry »

Quantum Healing: Unlocking the Universal Mind

November 18th, 2016



The technique of Quantum Healing Hypnosis began over forty years ago with Delores Cannon, the founder of QHHT. At that time, she was a Past Life Regression Therapist, working with clients who had addictions (such as eating, smoking, etc.). As well, her clients shared her innate curiosity about the possibility of previous incarnations.

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