A Dream Becomes Reality…

As with any dream, the inspiration and will of the individual(s) is essential to manifest reality. Our insights about wellness as well as background as teachers and educators in health, fitness and wellness supported our goals in creating a Centre that would strive to promote health and well – being.

We wanted to provide a Centre that would enable all individuals to fulfill their goals and aspirations in mind and body wellness. And so the name, ‘Namaste’ became the centre of our focus in bringing about a place of unity and love.

What Namaste Means…

Namaste literally means that we are one. We are made of the same elements of the earth that bond and unify our very existence – air, water, fire, metal and ether (vital life energy). This signifies that we have a deep connection to the mind, body and breathe as well the very essence of our being. And in striving to focus on our health, we can aspire to fulfill these qualities within ourselves.

Our Vision for the Centre…

Our love of fitness and the understanding of the importance of being physically and mentally healthy inspired our journey toward creating a centre that would promote health and well – being. We wanted to share our knowledge and understanding of the various aspects of Health, Fitness, Wellness and Education.

These qualities that promote well - being are the basis for our vision of the Namaste Wellness Centre and continue to inspire our personal growth and professional development. Through our experience of being in the present time, we can continue to move toward higher goals and aspirations.

A Company with a Consciousness…

Our primary focus in designing programming, training, and education as well as providing wellness services is to inspire others on their journey toward healthy living. While success is essential to any business venture, maintaining a level of integrity and sharing in community are also important values. Success is a mutually beneficial relationship that should be explored for any business to truly prosper.

A Bright Future a head….

Our company is dedicated to providing excellence in service. We are excited to venture forward and continue to create and develop programming, training and education as well as provide innovative wellness services that inspire others to dream!

We deeply appreciate your support for over a decade and look forward to another ten years of success!

Mrs. Clare & Ms. Wise,
Director and Assistant Directors of Education, N.W.C. Ltd.